SIGMOD Santiago, Chile, 2024

SIGMOD 2024 Poster Presentation Guidelines

Why present a poster?

Posters are an efficient means to share information about your work with others, and to find out what others are working on. But most importantly, they provide

Every paper in the SIGMOD research track has a poster slot assigned to it, and authors are expected to present their work in the assigned poster session, in addition to the oral presentation. All PODS papers have also been given an option for poster presentations.

What will I present?

The maximum dimension of the Poster is 90 cm wide x 120 cm tall in portrait orientation (vertical), i.e. A0 size in portrait mode. The poster panels cannot be rotated; they must be used in "vertical" mode as per the dimensions given above.

You can install your poster using double-sided tape provided by SIGMOD/PODS staff.

When will I present?

There will be three plenary poster sessions on June 11, 12, and 13. SIGMOD research posters will be presented during the plenary poster session on the same day as the corresponding paper presentation is scheduled; the plenary poster session is before lunch, while the paper presentations are after lunch. PODS posters timings will be shared by the PODS PC chair by email and on the website.

We recommend that you install your poster at the beginning of your scheduled presentation day, preferably before the opening session of the day, which starts at 8:30 AM, and leave it up until the end of the day, so that conference participants can browse posters through all the coffee breaks. You are welcome to be present at your poster location during any of the coffee breaks if you wish to.

Your poster must be removed by 18:30 PM. If not removed by the author, the poster will be removed and disposed of by our staff.

You should not install your poster on any day, other than the one designated.

All printed materials disposed of will support the San José Chilean Foundation for abandoned children. Please note that SIGMOD/PODS are not responsible for any posters left up after the tear-down time.

Please arrange for an alternative presenter in case you cannot make it to Santiago due to visa issues.

Where will I present?

PODS posters will be presented in Las Américas hall, and SIGMOD posters will be presented in Las Américas and Los Volcanes halls (see rough schematic below).

All poster panels will have a specific number which will be shared with you via the conference website before the start of the conference. Refer to the Poster Index near the registration desk and follow the poster placement map to find where to place your poster.

Note that there may be some changes to the above; please check the poster index which will be located at the registration desk area on the lobby floor.

Additional tips for your presentation

You are welcome to carry the poster with you, but local printing is available. We recommend local printing companies near the conference venue:


Do you want to point people to even more information about your poster? We suggest you Include a QR Code in your printed poster. You can generate QR codes using, for example, this site:

Information suggested:

  • Title and all authors and institutions at the top of the poster
  • Short introduction, purpose, methods, results, conclusions, and summary presented in a logical and clear sequence
  • Explanation of the graphs, figures, and tables
  • The text of the entire poster must be legible at one meter of distance
  • Be careful with the use of colors because some people have difficulty distinguishing green from red and other colors that do not present an adequate contrast between the text and the background of the poster.

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