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Level -1 Las Américas Hall and Northamerica room
Panel distribution map (June 11, level -1)
Level -2 Los Volcanes Hall
Panel distribution map (June 11, level -1)


Level -1 Las Américas Hall and Northamerica room
Panel N° Title
1 Akane: Perplexity-Guided Time Series Data Cleaning
2 HERO: A Hierarchical Set Partitioning and Join Framework for Speeding up the Set Intersection Over Graphs
3 A Comprehensive Survey and Experimental Study of Subgraph Matching: Trend, Unbiasedness, and Interaction
4 STile: Searching Hybrid Sparse Formats for Sparse Deep Learning Operators Automatically
5 SIMPLE: Efficient Temporal Graph Neural Network Training at Scale with Dynamic Data Placement
6 Maximum k-Plex Computation: Theory and Practice
7 Efficient Maximum k-Defective Clique Computation with Improved Time Complexity
8 On The Reasonable Effectiveness of Relational Diagrams: Explaining Relational Query Patterns and the Pattern Expressiveness of Relational Languages
9 A Unified Approach for Resilience and Causal Responsibility with Integer Linear Programming (ILP) and LP Relaxations
10 Sibyl: Forecasting Time-Evolving Query Workloads
11 LST-Meter: Benchmarking Log-Structured Tables in the Cloud
12 Starling: An I/O-Efficient Disk-Resident Graph Index Framework for High-Dimensional Vector Similarity Search on Data Segment
13 GTS: GPU-based Tree Index for Fast Similarity Search
14 Closest Pairs Search Over Data Stream
15 FedKNN: Secure Federated k-Nearest Neighbor Search
16 Relational Algorithms for Top-k Query Evaluation
17 Robustness of Updatable Learning-based Index Advisors
18 PACE: Poisoning Attacks on Learned Cardinality Estimation
19 Missing Data Imputation with Uncertainty-Driven Network
20 Selectivity Estimation for Queries Containing Predicates over Set-Valued Attributes
21 PLATON: Top-down R-tree Packing with Learned Partition Policy
22 Rethink of a Learned Cost Model: Why Start from Scratch?
23 TEE-based General-purpose Computational Backend for Secure Delegated Data Processing
24 Efficient Algorithm for Budgeted Adaptive Influence Maximization: An Incremental RR-set Update Approach
25 Scalable Approximate Butterfly and Bi-triangle Counting for Large Bipartite Networks
26 Efficient Approximation Framework for Attribute Recommendation
27 Learning-based Property Estimation with Polynomials
28 Fast Maximal Quasi-clique Enumeration: A Pruning and Branching Co-Design Approach
29 Proving Query Equivalence Using Linear Integer Arithmetic
30 WeBridge: Synthesizing Stored Procedures for Large-Scale Real-World Web Applications
31 Revisiting B-tree Compression: An Experimental Study
32 CaaS-LSM: Compaction-as-a-Service for LSM-based Key-Value Stores in Storage Disaggregated Infrastructure
33 Efficient k-Clique Listing: An Edge-Oriented Branching Strategy
34 On Efficient Large Sparse Matrix Chain Multiplication
35 Efficient Core Maintenance in Large Bipartite Graphs
36 OptiQL: Robust Optimistic Locking for Memory-Optimized Indexes
37 ALP: Adaptive Lossless floating-Point Compression
38 Structural Designs Meet Optimality: Exploring Optimized LSM-tree Structures in A Colossal Configuration Space
39 AirIndex: Versatile Index Tuning Through Data and Storage
40 Language-Model Based Informed Partition of Databases to Speed Up Pattern Mining
41 Settling Time vs. Accuracy Tradeoffs for Clustering Big Data
42 Machine Unlearning in Learned Databases: An Experimental Analysis
43 SAGA: A Scalable Framework for Optimizing Data Cleaning Pipelines for Machine Learning Applications
44 FedCSS: Joint Client-and-Sample Selection for Hard Sample-Aware Noise-Robust Federated Learning
45 Splitting Tuples of Mismatched Entities
46 Certain and Approximately Certain Models for Statistical Learning
47 In-Database Data Imputation
48 Modularity-based Hypergraph Clustering: Random Hypergraph Model, Hyperedge-cluster Relation, and Computation
49 Optimizing Disjunctive Queries with Tagged Execution
50 Optimizing Nested Recursive Queries
51 Sub-optimal Join Order Identification with L1-error
52 PLAQUE: Automated Predicate Learning at Query Time
53 CAFE: Towards Compact, Adaptive, and Fast Embedding for Large-scale Recommendation Models
54 The Image Calculator: 10x Faster Image-AI Inference by Replacing JPEG with Self-designing Storage Format
55 FACET: Robust Counterfactual Explanation Analytics
56 OTClean: Data Cleaning for Conditional Independence Violations using Optimal Transport
Level -2 Los Volcanes Hall
Panel N° Title
57 Towards Metric DBSCAN: Exact, Approximate, and Streaming Algorithms
58 Waffle: An Online Oblivious Datastore for Protecting Data Access Patterns
59 Efficient Maximal Biplex Enumerations with Improved Worst-Case Time Guarantee
60 ROME: Robust Query Optimization via Parallel Multi-Plan Execution
61 Automated Data Visualization from Natural Language via Large Language Models: An Exploratory Study
62 Optimizing Dataflow Systems for Scalable Interactive Visualization
63 Time Series Representation for Visualization in Apache IoTDB
63 Time Series Representation for Visualization in Apache IoTDB
64 Dias: Dynamic Rewriting of Pandas Code
65 Summarized Causal Explanations For Aggregate Views
66 Memory-Efficient and Flexible Detection of Heavy Hitters in High-Speed Networks
67 PECJ: Stream Window Join on Disorder Data Streams with Proactive Error Compensation
68 Low-Latency Adaptive Distributed Stream Join System Based on a Flexible Join Model
69 DecoPa: Query Decomposition for Parallel Complex Event Processing
70 Convolution and Cross-Correlation of Count Sketches Enables Fast Cardinality Estimation of Multi-Join Queries
71 System-X: Towards Fast Dependency Graph Generation for Database Replay
72 The Weisfeiler-Leman Dimension of Existential Conjunctive Queries
73 Tight Bounds of Circuits for Sum-Product Queries
74 On Density-based Local Community Search
75 "Evaluating Datalog over Semirings: A Grounding-based Approach"
76 When View- and Conflict-Robustness Coincide for Multiversion Concurrency Control
77 Expected Shapley-Like Scores of Boolean functions: Complexity and Applications to Probabilistic Databases
78 Chase Termination Beyond Polynomial Time
79 When is Shapley Value Computation a Matter of Counting?
80 Provenance postulates: Instance-based provenance for first-order logic



Level -1 Las Américas Hall and Northamerica room
Panel N° Title
1 Cabin: a Compressed Adaptive Binned Scan Index
2 MOST: Model-Based Compression with Outlier Storage for Time Series Data
3 Wred: Workload Reduction for Scalable Index Tuning
4 Wii: Dynamic Budget Reallocation In Index Tuning
5 View-based Explanations for Graph Neural Networks
6 MCR-Tree: An Efficient Index for Multi-dimensional Core Search
7 RITA: Group Attention is All You Need for Timeseries Analytics
8 Implementation Strategies for Views over Property Graphs
9 Controllable Tabular Data Synthesis Using Diffusion Models
10 Reservoir Sampling over Joins
11 NOCAP: Near-Optimal Correlation-Aware Partitioning Joins
12 CAVE: Concurrency-Aware Graph Processing on SSDs
13 DP-starJ: A Differential Private Scheme towards Analytical Star-Join Queries
14 Local Differentially Private Heavy Hitter Detection in Data Streams with Bounded Memory
15 DSC: Optimizing Dynamic Shape Machine Learning Workloads via Compiler Approach
16 Making In-Memory Learned Indexes Efficient on Disk
17 SALI: A Scalable Adaptive Learned Index Framework based on Probability Models
18 GRF: A Global Range Filter for LSM-Trees with Shape Encoding
19 Nexus: Correlation Discovery over Collections of Spatio-Temporal Tabular Data
20 Solo: Data Discovery using Natural Language Questions via a Self-Supervised Approach
21 Graph Summarization: Compactness Meets Efficiency
22 Neural Attributed Community Search at Billion Scale
23 High-Ratio Compression for Machine-Generated Data
24 DGC: Training Dynamic Graphs with Spatio-Temporal Non-Uniformity using Graph Partitioning by Chunks
25 HongTu: Scalable Full-Graph GNN Training on Multiple GPUs
26 Efficient Algorithm for K-Multiple-Means
27 FeatureLTE: Learning to Estimate Feature Importance
28 MirrorKV: An Efficient Key-Value Store on Hybrid Cloud Storage with Balanced Performance of Compaction and Querying
29 Limousine: Blending Learned and Classical Indexes to Self-Design Larger-than-Memory Cloud Storage Engines
30 PreVision: An Out-of-Core Matrix Computation System with Optimal Buffer Replacement
31 Hyper: A High-Performance and Memory-Efficient Learned Index via Hybrid Construction
32 DProvDB: Differentially Private Query Processing with Multi-Analyst Provenance
33 Anchor: A Library for Building Secure Persistent Memory Systems
34 VEIL: A Storage and Communication Efficient Volume-Hiding Algorithm
35 An LDP Compatible Sketch for Securely Approximating Set Intersection Cardinalities
36 ChainedFilter: Combining Membership Filters by Chain Rule
37 StarfishDB: a query execution engine for relational probabilistic programming
38 AS-Parser: Log Parsing Based on Adaptive Segmentation
39 Efficient and Provable Effective Resistance Computation on Large Graphs: an Index-based Approach
40 A Counting-based Approach for Efficient 𝑘-Clique Densest Subgraph Discovery
40 A Counting-based Approach for Efficient 𝑘-Clique Densest Subgraph Discovery
41 Query Compilation Without Regrets
42 Efficient Approximation of Kemeny's Constant for Large Graphs
43 Worst-Case-Optimal Similarity Joins on Graph Databases
44 Hierarchical Cut Labelling - Scaling Up Distance Queries on Road Networks
45 MWP: Multi-Window Parallel Evaluation of Regular Path Queries on Streaming Graphs
46 Lorentz: Learned SKU Recommendation Using Profile Data
47 SchemaPile: A Large Collection of Relational Database Schemas
48 One seed, two birds: A unified learned structure for exact and approximate counting
49 Origin-Destination Travel Time Oracle for Map-based Services
50 Demystifying the QoS and QoE of Edge-hosted Video Streaming Applications in the Wild with SNESet
51 Temporal JSON Keyword Search
52 Proximity Queries on Point Clouds using Rapid Construction Path Oracle
53 FineMon: An Innovative Adaptive Network Telemetry Scheme for Fine-Grained, Multi-Metric Data Monitoring with Dynamic Frequency Adjustment and Enhanced Data Recovery
54 Optimizing Time Series Queries with Versions
55 Parallel Algorithms for Hierarchical Nucleus Decomposition
56 GE^2: A General and Efficient Graph Embedding Learning System
Level -2 Los Volcanes Hall
Panel N° Title
57 TeraHAC: Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering of Trillion-Edge Graphs
58 Enriching Recommendation Models with Logic Conditions
59 GEqO: ML-Accelerated Semantic Equivalence Detection
60 Lemo: A Cache-Enhanced Learned Optimizer for Concurrent Queries
61 ASM: Harmonizing Autoregressive model, Sampling, and Multi-dimensional Statistics Merging for Cardinality Estimation
62 LPLM: A Neural Language Model for Cardinality Estimation of LIKE-Queries
63 A Learned Cuckoo Filter for Approximate Membership Queries over Variable-sized Sliding Windows on Data Streams
64 Spruce: a Fast yet Space-saving Structure for Dynamic Graph Storage
65 Learning to Optimize LSM-trees: Towards A Reinforcement Learning based Key-Value Store for Dynamic Workloads
66 SWIX: A Memory-efficient Sliding Window Learned Index
67 Data Acquisition for Improving Model Confidence
68 Range-Filtering Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
69 ACORN: Performant and Predicate-Agnostic Search Over Vector Embeddings and Structured Data
70 Generation of Training Examples for Tabular Natural Language Inference
71 Efficient High-Quality Clustering for Large Bipartite Graphs
72 Generalized Core Spanner Inexpressibility via Ehrenfeucht-Fraïssé Games for FC
73 Join Size Bounds using Lp Norms on Degree Sequences
74 From Shapley Value to Model Counting and Back
75 Matrix Multiplication for Query Processing
76 On the Feasibility of Forgetting in Data Streams
77 Minimally Factorizing the Provenance of Self-join Free Conjunctive Queries
78 TypeQL: A Type-Theoretic & Polymorphic Query Language
79 A faster FPRAS for #NFA
80 Verification of Unary Communicating Datalog Programs



Level -1 Las Américas Hall and Northamerica room
Panel N° Title
1 Determining the Largest Overlap between Tables
2 Discovering Functional Dependencies through Hitting Set Enumeration
3 Privacy Amplification by Sampling under User-level Differential Privacy
4 Continual Observation of Joins under Differential Privacy
5 Secure Sampling for Approximate Multi-party Query Processing
6 Object-oriented Unified Encrypted Memory Management for Heterogeneous Memory Architectures
7 Rethink Query Optimization in HTAP Databases
8 gSWORD: GPU-accelerated Sampling for Subgraph Counting
9 uBlade: Efficient Batch Processing for Uncertainty Graph Queries
10 Relative Keys: Putting Feature Explanation into Context
11 Counterfactual Explanation at Will, with Zero Privacy Leakage
12 Cackle: Analytical Workload Cost and Performance Stability With Elastic Pools
13 SeeSaw: Interactive Ad-hoc Search Over Image Databases
14 VeriTxn: Verifiable Transactions for Cloud-Native Databases with Storage Disaggregation
15 Predictive and Near-Optimal Sampling for View Materialization in Video Databases
16 Homomorphic Compression: Making Text Processing on Compression Unlimited
17 PimPam: Efficient Graph Pattern Matching on Real Processing-in-Memory Hardware
18 LeCo: Lightweight Compression via Learning Serial Correlations
19 Auto-Formula: Recommend Formulas in Spreadsheets using Learned Table Representations
20 Table-GPT: Table-tuned GPT for Diverse Table Tasks
21 Faster Algorithms for Fair Max-Min Diversification in R^d
22 FairHash: A Fair and Memory/Time-efficient Hashmap
23 On Querying Historical Connectivity in Temporal Graphs
23 On Querying Historical Connectivity in Temporal Graphs
24 Fast Shapley Value Computation in Data Assemblage Tasks as Cooperative Simple Games
25 High Precision ≠ High Cost: Temporal Data Fusion for Multiple Low-Precision Sensors
26 Determining Exact Quantiles with Randomized Summaries
27 Vexless: A Serverless Vector Data Management System Using Cloud Functions
28 Understanding the Performance Implications of the Design Principles in Storage-Disaggregated Databases
29 Materialized View Selection & View-Based Query Planning for Regular Path Queries
30 TabEE: Tabular Embeddings Explanations
30 TabEE: Tabular Embeddings Explanations
31 Qr-Hint: Actionable Hints Towards Correcting Wrong SQL Queries
32 SH2O: Efficient Data Access for Work-sharing Databases
33 Lightweight Materialization for Fast Dashboards Over Joins
34 Rethinking the Encoding of Integers for Scans on Skewed Data
35 Scalable Distributed Inverted List Indexes in Disaggregated Memory
36 Fault Tolerance Placement for the Internet of Things
37 Grafite: Taming Adversarial Queries with Optimal Range Filters
38 ChainKV: A Semantics-Aware Key-Value Store for Ethereum System
39 LIT: Lightning-fast In-memory Temporal Indexing
40 Practical Dynamic Extension for Sampling Indexes
41 Towards Buffer Management with Tiered Main Memory
42 High-performance Effective Scientific Error-bounded Lossy Compression with Auto-tuned Multi-component Interpolation
43 SkyPIE: A Fast & Accurate Oracle for Object Placement
44 Correlation Joins over Time Series Data Streams Utilizing Complementary Dimension Reduction and Transformation
45 In-depth Analysis of Continuous Subgraph Matching in a Common Delta Query Compilation Framework
46 Zero-sided RDMA: Network-driven Data Shuffling for Disaggregated Heterogeneous Cloud DBMSs
47 F3KM: Federated, Fair, and Fast k-means
48 RaBitQ: Quantizing High-Dimensional Vectors with a Theoretical Error Bound for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
49 CodeS: Towards Building Open-source Language Models for Text-to-SQL
50 NOC-NOC: Towards Performance-optimal Distributed Transactions
51 Efficient Distributed Hop-Constrained Path Enumeration on Large-Scale Graphs
52 Historical Embedding-Guided Efficient Large-Scale Federated Graph Learning
53 Play like a Vertex: A Stackelberg Game Approach for Streaming Graph Partitioning
54 Optimizing Distributed Protocols with Query Rewrites
55 ADGNN: Towards Scalable GNN Training with Aggregation-Difference Aware Sampling
56 Udon: Efficient Debugging of User-Defined Functions in Big Data Systems with Line-by-Line Control
Level -2 Los Volcanes Hall
Panel N° Title
57 Banzhaf Values for Facts in Query Answering
58 Modeling Shifting Workloads for Learned Database Systems
59 Cardinality Estimation over Knowledge Graphs with Embeddings and Graph Neural Networks
60 Approximate Sketches
61 PreLog: A Pre-trained Model for Log Analytics
62 Can Learned Indexes be Build Efficient? A Deep Dive into Sampling Trade-Offs
63 ThalamusDB: Approximate Query Processing on Multi-Modal Data
64 Query Refinement for Diverse Top-k Selection
65 Equitable Top-k Results for Long Tail Data
66 Keep It Simple: Testing Databases via Differential Query Plans
67 The Battleship Approach to the Low Resource Entity Matching Problem
68 Watchog: A Light-weight Contrastive Learning based Framework for Column Annotation
69 Unstructured Data Fusion for Schema and Data Extraction
70 R2D2: Reducing Redundancy and Duplication in Data Lakes
71 DTT: An Example-Driven Tabular Transformer for Joinability by Leveraging Large Language Models


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